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Other services we have to offer

Exceptional Services By Your Certified Appraiser

*travel fee may occur on some services*

MTO Appraisals

Save $100's on HST Tax when transferring ownership at Service Ontario (MTO) if a vehicle has:

  • High odometer reading (km)

  • Excessive wear or severe damage (mechanical/body/interior)

  • Previous history (accident, rental/commercial use, out of province/country)

  • Or one or many other factors that may change the market value

Pay HST Tax on the vehicle's actual market value and not on the wholesale/book value listed on the UVIP (Used Vehicle Information Package) at Service Ontario (MTO).

If a vehicle is 20 years or older, Service Ontario (MTO) will require an appraisal letter to transfer ownership. An appraisal letter is required because Service Ontario (MTO) doesn't know what the market or wholesale (book) value of the vehicle is due to age


Virtual Vehicle Appraisal

In some cases, our appraisers cannot make it to the vehicle, either being too far, or out of the country, or just to be COVID 19 safe. That is why we are unique, we can offer to do your appraisal remotely and safely, We don't even need to touch the vehicle. This process is quick and simple, find out how out today!



Are you looking to buy a new car? or mayby that classic you've been looking at for awhile? Well at Pristine Appraisals, we can help you look through the vehicle, look for hidden damages and how it was restored, Then we will give you our unbiased opinion on whether you should walk away or not. the  Contact me today and see what I can do for you.


Camper Conversion Appraisals

Have you converted your transit van or similar into a camper? Well look no further, we at Pristine Appraisals can properly appraise the true value of your conversion to make sure you are properly covered by your insurance.


Contruction/Heavy Equipment Appraisals

Do you have a fleet of heavy equipment? do you need them appraiser for tax purpose? bank re-financing? or other reason? Contact us today to get a proper appraisal of your investments.


Vehicle Damage Estimating

Have you been in a accident, and the body shop has written you an estimate and you don't seem to be happy with it? Contact us to get a second opinion on your repair plan today.


Umpire Appraisals for Arbitration

With our extensive vehicle and equipment knowledge, we are often called by appraisers, owners, and insurance companies to act as impartial umpires during an insurance appraisal arbitration or negotiation.


Insurance Dispute Vehicle Appraisal

If your vehicle is deemed a total loss by your Insurance company and you are not satisfied with their offer to settle, you have the right outlined in your Ontario Automobile Insurance Policy to obtain an Independent appraisal to determine the Actual Market Value of your vehicle. Contact us today for a FREE consultation to see if you have a case!

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